Rubber-cord casings

 Blind pneumatic plugs are designated for pipeline shank bore of different diameters while assuming of emergency measures, repair and adjustment operations performed with oil pipelines, oil-product pipelines, water pipe, sewerage and heating systems (including chemical enterprises).

Blind pneumatic plugs represent hollow barrel cover with two flat bottoms. A faucet for filling the cover with compressed air is located on one bottom, a hanger for fixation of the air pressure plug in a piping for removing of compressed air from the cover and draining water that has been collected during the repair process is located on the other one.

Blind pneumatic plugs are applied when the frontal part of the piping is open or when there is an opportunity to cut large operating opening in the pipe that is equal to overall dimensions of blind air pressure plug. The serviced hatches of sewerage systems have open frontal pipeline parts. Air pressure plug setting is performed by means of them. The open frontal pipeline parts can be formed by means of cutting of the defective area of the piping and its replacement by a conditioned pipe. The process is applied in oil pipelines and oil-product pipelines.


Air pressure plugs complete set with west made valves is acceptable.

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